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Welcome to Dristi – Pioneering Smart Cameras Redefining Surveillance Excellence!

Innovating the Future of Safety

Our Vision for a Secure Tomorrow

“Transforming security, Dristi.ai envisions a future where technology seamlessly integrates with safety. Pioneering face detection, thread recognition, and 2-way communication, we redefine surveillance for intelligent, proactive, and accessible protection, setting industry standards for a safer world.”

Global Statistics

1 Billion +

Cameras Online


Drop in Crime Rate

98 million


5 ExaByte

of Data every Week

What We Do

Our Comprehensive Security Solutions

Face Detection Precision

Identify and manage access with remarkable accuracy.

Proactive Threat Detection

Stay ahead with automated recognition and instant alerts.

Real-Time 2-Way Audio

Break barriers with remote interaction for quick responses.

Drone Deployment

Elevate your strategy with automated aerial views for enhanced awareness

Wireless Flexibility

Our secure wireless cameras adapt to diverse deployment scenarios.

Night Vision Excellence

Exceptional clarity, optimal imaging in low light for precise surveillance.

Empowering Futures Together

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